The Best Tours in Israel

If you want an unforgettable trip to Israel, then we can highly recommend one or more of our amazing tours below. With a professional, experienced guide by your side (and we only pick the very best), the experience can be truly life-changing, with the Holy Land coming to life before your very eyes…

Below is our complete catalog of tours. Please note that we can also offer completely customizable tours, tailor-made to meet your dreams and requirements – contact us to find out more.

Our Top Tours

These are our most popular tours - pick & choose!

food tour israel

Foodie Tours

If you’re looking to try some of Israel's amazing & now legendary cuisine, a foodie tour HAS to be on your list! We've got a bit of some... Read More...
petra from israel

Petra Tours

One of the most spectacular side-trips to make on your trip to Israel has to be a stopover in Petra, the legendary Lost City, and one of the... Read More...
jeep tour zin valley

Desert Tours

If you dream of exploring the magnificent wilderness of the Negev and Judean deserts with guides who know what they're talking about and who... Read More...
dead sea jeep tour

Dead Sea Jeep Tour

OK, so if you're looking for the ultimate jeep tour to add to that Israel travel bucket list, how about a jeep tour at the lowest point on t... Read More...

Jerusalem Tours

The Holy City of Jerusalem is a must-see when visiting Israel - and once you stroll through the old alleyways of the Old City, witness the s... Read More...

Salt Caving Tour

If adventure is your game, a salt caving tour in the hills of the Dead Sea is definitely a must-do! This tour is definitely for the adventu... Read More...

Judean Desert Jeep Tour

If swimming in natural desert springs and discovering and exploring hidden desert monasteries is something that grabs your fancy, our Judean... Read More...

Dead Sea Segway Tours

If you're looking for a totally unique tour, how about a Segway tour that will have you gliding along the promenade at the Dead Sea OR throu... Read More...

Masada Sunrise Tour

This is surely the ultimate way to experience one of Israel's absolute must-sees! We'll take you on an early-morning adventure that will sta... Read More...

Tel Aviv Tours

If you're looking to explore Tel Aviv - and we mean really explore - then try one of our amazing, budget-friendly Tel Aviv tours! From a uni... Read More...

Additional Tours

More tours to make that Israel experience an unforgettable one!

Wine Tours

For wine lovers, we have the ultimate wine tours in Israel! Enjoy truly delicious wine from one of the oldest wine regions in the world, plu... Read More...
caravan tour israel

Caravan Tours

If you're looking for an unforgettable outdoor adventure in Israel, how about taking a caravan tour around some of the most amazing sights i... Read More...
dead sea floating

Dead Sea Tours

Our Dead Sea tours are quite possibly the trip of a lifetime! We take you to three of the most amazing desert spots in Israel - the legendar... Read More...

Bethlehem Tours

If a visit to Bethlehem is on your bucket list, then do we have a Bethlehem tour for you!  Experience the delights of the city where Jesus w... Read More...
desert hike ramon crater

Desert Hikes

If you love the great outdoors and want to be completely wowed, then take one of these awe-inspiring desert hikes! Customize it to your tast... Read More...
Paraplane flights Israel

Paraplane Flights

If you're looking for the ultimate thrill, how about a flight above the skies of central Israel in a powered parachute - a paraplane! Strap... Read More...
stargazing in israel

Desert Stargazing

If you're looking for the perfect stargazing tour in Israel, the desert - and in particular, the amazing hot springs at the Dead Sea - is th... Read More...
segway tour tel aviv

Segway Tours

For a completely different look at Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, take a Segway tour! For individuals, small groups and companies, Segway tours com... Read More...
TelAviv Fashion Tours

Tel Aviv Fashion

Fancy an insider's insight into the ever-growing world of the hippest and trendiest Tel Aviv fashion? Then this tour is for you! Led by a v... Read More...
Arbel Mountain

Hike the Galilee

If hiking is your game, then a self-guided hike (with a GPS system) through the Galilee hills and valleys is one of the perfect ways to see ... Read More...



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