Desert Tours

If you dream of exploring the magnificent wilderness of the Negev desert with guides who know what they’re talking about and who can show you the real desert, then one of our unforgettable desert tours is for you!

Amazing jeep tours around Mitzpe Ramon and the stunning Ramon Crater (Machtesh Ramon)

desert tourThese tours will knock your socks off, especially if you want to get up close and personal with the desert! Starting from either Sde Boker or the Ramon Crater, the jeep tours are completely customizable, meaning you can have a quick half-day tour through some spectacular desert scenery, or go hardcore and take on a jeep tour that lasts for a few days with the mind-blowing experience of camping out under the stars to savor! It’s entirely up to you, just let us know!

We also have a budget-friendly option for those of you on a budget and who don’t mind sharing your jeep with other desert-hungry tourists, and an additional budget-friendly tour that heads to the Judean desert to visit the amazing cliff monasteries deep in the desert – just let us know what tour you prefer by clicking the Book Now button!

Rappel (abseil) down the cliffs of the Ramon Crater

If you like the blood pumping through your veins – and we mean pumping – then try hanging off a cliff with the Ramon Crater far below you…the experience is hard to beat, but once you’ve been down once don’t be surprised to discover that you’ll want to try again! We did it with our kids (see the pictures below), it was great fun!

Negev sunrise jeep tours

Leaving from Mitzpe Ramon, our sunrise jeep tour takes you to a superb viewpoint inside the Ramon Crater, where we’ll wait together for the first sunbeams to peak up across the far side of the Crater. To keep you awake – we know it’s an early start for many – we’ll brew some delicious hot tea made from local desert herbs. It will also warm you up a little bit, because those cold desert mornings can be surprisingly chilly!

Desert stargazing

There’s nothing quite like seeing a night sky full of stars in the middle of the desert! For a truly unforgettable night under the stars, you HAVE to join our desert stargazing tour.

Desert camping in Israel

For those of you wanting to experience the desert at first hand, desert camping really can’t be beaten! It’s perfectly safe, and yes, we keep things simple. If dark, quiet nights in the vast emptiness of the desert are your thing, come and join us, you won’t regret it! These tours are also customizable and also feature as part of our desert hike tours. We also do things a little fancier, with a luxury desert glamping option, an experience to blow your socks off!

Yoga, acting and team-building in the desert

Perfect for those of you looking to connect, either with yourselves or as part of a team. We’ll take you to the ideal spot – whether that means under a lone Acacia tree, on a sand dune, or in a dry river bed – and then we’ll get you connected like never before. Let us know what you need and we can try and adapt accordingly.

We can also cater to any special interests/requests you might have, just get in touch! In the meantime, marvel at the photos below, and then get in touch!

“Our jeep tour was the most exhilarating, fun, informative, and worthwhile tour we’ve taken. Our guide was beyond knowledgeable, captivating, accommodating, and nice. As we traveled through the Negev he made certain we saw the most amazing sites, taught us about the land, animals, plants and history of the area. THIS IS A TOUR YOU CANNOT MISS!”

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