Been searching for terms like Israel, Tel Aviv, Holy Land and ending up with the same old boring sites (*yawn*) in your search results? Well, you might just be glad you came across iGoogledIsrael.com…

And no, it’s not just a catch phrase. iGoogledIsrael is an online travel guide, restaurant reviewer and events calendar all rolled into one. Founder Ashley (an ex-Brit who came to Israel for two months and ended up staying 20 years!) trumps the likes of Lonely Planet and Let’s Go with up-to-date, edgy and fun reports on all things Israel, always served with a heaping spoonful of British humor!

Whether you’re looking for things to see and do in Israel for your next vacation, hunting for the perfect Israel tour, thinking of immigrating/making aliyah to Israel, looking to put in a stint at one of Israel’s famous kibbutzim, or even those of you just plain curious, this site is your reference point for all things good (and downright bad) about the Holy Land.

We’ll tell you all about the best places to visit, the things to definitely try, and the food not to miss out on. We’ll also tell you what to avoid, as we’re not just going to give you the sickly sweet tourist sell that so many other sites out there are giving.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or tips – we greatly value your feedback!


If you’re interested in advertising or partnering in some way on igoogledisrael.com, one of the authority English language sites in Israel for tourists, please contact us for details. We have a variety of advertising and “scratch our back, we’ll scratch yours” options available.

Quick Facts: We have been running since 2008, have posted well over 1500 original, fun, and informative articles, and are very well placed in Google. We also have well over 140,000 followers and fans on Twitter and Facebook (growing daily), and see an annual 1.5 million visitors to our site!

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