jeep tour zin valley

Desert Tours

If you dream of exploring the magnificent wilderness of the Negev and Judean deserts with guides who know what they're talking about and who can show you the re... Read More...

Judean Desert Jeep Tour

If swimming in natural desert springs and discovering and exploring hidden desert monasteries is something that grabs your fancy, our Judean Desert Jeep tour is... Read More...

Desert Culture Jeep Tour

If exploring the real desert is on your agenda, this Desert Culture Jeep Tour is perhaps the ultimate way to get a taste of life in the desert! Expect to disco... Read More...
desert hike ramon crater

Desert Hikes

If you love the great outdoors and want to be completely wowed, then take one of these awe-inspiring desert hikes! Customize it to your taste and limits, but ex... Read More...
stargazing in israel

Desert Stargazing

If you're looking for the perfect stargazing tour in Israel, the desert - and in particular, the amazing hot springs at the Dead Sea - is the ultimate spot! We... Read More...



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