Shkedi’s Camplodge: a true desert wonder!

If you’re looking for a desert hideaway, a place where you can escape the hustle and bustle of the city, head to Shkedi’s Camplodge at the southern end of the Dead Sea.

Actually located between the Dead Sea and the Arava region, Shkedi’s is the perfect spot if you’re looking for hiking trips in the area (although head there in the winter/spring only, it’s just too hot from May – October). And heck, if you’re not looking to put in some hiking, it’s also a superb spot!shkedis camplodgeWe took our 3 kids there and they loved it, so yes, this is also a great family location. With a great range of wooden cabins and bungalows to choose from, there’s something for everyone (there’s also a Honeymoon Bus for couples looking for something a little different)! What did surprise us was the awesome internal air-conditioners, which kept us pretty cool during the day, and actually quite chilly during the night (we went in June, so the chill was more than welcomed – although the AC also acts as a heater in the cooler months!). The well-equipped kitchen was also impressive, you’re not going to lack for anything (though there’s also the option of ordering catering/local food if you’re not in the mood to cook).

Gil the owner was great to chat with, and he has some great stories to tell. Including how he built the camplodge with his own bare hands over a number of years. When you’re sitting in his chillout lounge/bar and he shows you how he actually built the lounge/bar through a series of photos, you’ll only be impressed. His playlist isn’t at all bad either, lots of classic rock and chillout tunes.

Shkedi’s Camplodge looks like it’s ideal for hosting groups of friends, families and even individuals. Located just 20 minutes from the Dead Sea (the bathing area at Ein Bokek), it’s also within easy distance of hiking trails such as those at Wadi Perazim, Mount Sodom, HaMakhtesh HaKatan (the Small Crater), Wadi Tamar, the lower Wadi Peres riverbed and more.

With the summer heat hitting us, we didn’t head for a hike, but did have a quick climb through the nearby Mushroom Trail. The kids loved it, but we didn’t head too far in due to the heat. The nearby swimming pool (belonging to the Neot HaKikar moshav) was our destination on a stonkingly hot June morning (50C in the shade!). We later headed to the Dead Sea for a bit of floating

All in all, this is one desert destination you’re going to love. We’ll definitely be heading back there at some point!

For more details, check out the website here or click HERE for the latest deals and discounts.shkedis camplodge

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