Abraham Hostel Eilat: the best & funkiest hostel in Eilat!

If you’re looking for a decent, fun place in Eilat to stay and are on a bit of a budget, head to Abraham Hostel in Eilat!

The newest and funkiest branch of the Abraham chain (they also have some superb hostels in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and Nazareth), this Red Sea version is quite the charmer! You can expect a funky, young vibe (just so you know, my kids mentioned it had a Stranger Things Season 3 look and feel!)… and that vibe starts in the lobby and stretches throughout the rest of the building like the tentacles of a Red Sea octopus!


There’s a lot to like at Abraham Hostel Eilat, and after spending four nights here with three kids, we got pretty familiar with the place. Here’s a quick runthrough:

The rooms: The rooms are cute, funkily colored, and more than comfy enough. There are a number of options available, including dorms and private rooms for couples, and also rooms on the ground floor with private balconies right next to the pool. This ain’t no luxury hotel, but for the price you pay, these rooms are pretty bloody decent. And let’s face it, who’s gonna stay 24/7 in their room when staying in Eilat? You’re going to be out and about in Eilat, snorkeling and whatever in the luscious waters of the Red Sea…

The facilities: There’s plenty to keep you occupied in Abraham Hostel Eilat, whatever your entourage. I was with three teens, and the snooker table, small but cute swimming pool, outdoor table tennis, gigantic chillout lounge, and array of vending machines (with various snacks and beverages) kept them more than happy. The bar is open from 12:00 to 23:00 every day (to keep me happy!) and they also have some decent shnitzel and chips/pizza/salads to munch on if you’re getting hungry…

The breakfast: Much in line with their hostel in Tel Aviv, this hostel has a pretty superb breakfast. It’s a buffet-style setup which means you can fill your faces and get a great start to the day. Crucial when you have three growing teens in tow, believe me! At 30 shekels a pop, you’re not going to get better value anywhere else! If you fancy a DIY breakfast, there’s a very well equipped and very clean guest kitchen that even Jamie Oliver would relish!

The tours: We joined a couple of great tours – the desert jeep tour, which includes the rather stunning Red Canyon, and a sailing tour, which includes a refreshing dip deep in the waters of the Red Sea (hopefully you’ll also get to see some dolphins, as we did!). Both were great and come highly recommended – see the current Eilat tours available here.

One thing to watch out for: the flying Mantaray in the main hall, which goes into motion at 09:00 and 21:00 every day. It’s an impressive piece of machinery!

Our recommendation: If you’re heading to Eilat and you’re on a budget, go go go!


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