Summer in Tel Aviv: the sexy… and the not so sexy!

In the sweltering hot pot that is a Tel Aviv summer, one must always be aware of the cultural standards of sexiness. Like dress, driving rules and language, Israel also has its own code for what’s sexy…and what’s not. I’m not sure I fully agree with this code so I have made up my own top 3 list of the sexy and unsexy.

Here we go…

Tel Aviv: The Sexy

1. Beach Volleyball

A well known attraction for sexy men and women, who flock to the beach to work on their beautifully toned bodies – much to the delight of lucky spectators like myself. Following on from the success of the beach volleyball at the London Olympics (darned if we know why…) catch a game next time you are at Gordon Beach every evening during the summer.

2. The new Teder Bar

This place is infested with gorgeous people. Hidden behind the tall buildings on the corner of Herzl St and Ahad Ha’am, the Teder bar is a haven for sexy, down to earth youngsters. Great music and an iced vodka slushy or two will help you to engulf yourself in the seductive atmosphere.

3. Night Swimming

The jelly fish have moved on and now is the perfect time in the season to get naked and jump in the water. Nothing is sexier than a moonlit swim or pre-dawn splash in the warm waters of Tel Aviv beach. The beach can be crowded during the day, so take advantage of it’s sexy side when no-one else is around. Bring some homemade white summer sangria or a couple of beers to refresh yourselves and then finish the swim off with a refreshing shower (together of course!)

Tel Aviv: the UnSexy

1. Swimming in your underwear

Well, it wouldn’t be quite so bad if Israeli men didn’t wear such offensive underwear. ‘Matchtonim’ as they are affectionately called, are the saggy y-front undies that Israeli men believe transform them into sex gods on the beach. If only they knew these saggy loin cloths take them from hero to zero, no matter how good their body is.

2. Jack Rabbit Sex

A term that is well known among young females here who find themselves pinned up against the wall with some overly excited man who makes love as if he was having an epileptic fit. OK, we know its hot, but take your time and invest a little more energy into foreplay please.

3. ‘Coosiot’ (aka the overly exaggerated beautiful Israeli woman)

I am a fan of the natural look in summer. FYI ladies (and we’ve gone over the delights of Israeli women here), heavy make-up and heels in 75% humidity are not sexy. Throw on a pair of flip flops and leave the tanning oil at home. Your body will thank you after!


What makes Tel Aviv sexy for YOU?

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