8 things you have to do when celebrating Purim in Israel!

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So you’ve heard all about the fun little holiday called Purim but still aren’t sure how to really get the full-on Purim experience? Never fear, here at iGoogled we’ve got your back with 8 of the very must-dos for celebrating Purim in Israel!

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In no particular order…

Dress up!

Of course, the ESSENTIAL thing to do during Purim in Israel is to dress up! Purim is the equivalent of the ultimate fancy dress shindig, so get dressed up as a cowboy, Spiderman, Donald Trump, basically whatever floats your boat! And it all gets easier when the alcohol is flowing (see our next point!)…

purim in israel

Drink alcohol!

Did you know that it’s an absolute must for all Jews to partake in a few mighty swigs of alcohol at Purim?! Even the Ultra Orthodox do it, so feel free to imbibe! Yes, yes, we really feel it’s your civic duty to partake in a wee tipple or two!

Eat Haman’s Ears

One of the ESSENTIAL eats when celebrating Purim in Israel are the delicious Haman’s Ears cookies (or Hamantaschen as they are also known). They traditionally come filled with poppy seeds, dates, or chocolate, but as many bakeries get more and more creative, there are ever new flavors and versions to enjoy! Have to admit, chocolate is still my favorite, but if the pastry is done right you can stick anything in them and I’ll love ’em!

Boogie yourself silly

As you might have guessed already, Purim in Israel is all about having fun. And there are some excellent parties to enjoy all over the country. Probably one of the biggest is the annual Street Party Rave in Tel Aviv, while Jerusalem’s annual street party in the Nachlaot ‘hood is also worth checking out. Check out our Event Calendar for updates!

Get your heart melted

OK, Purim is also one for the kids. And it will take a very cold, icy heart not to be won over by some of the little cuties that will dress up for Purim. The costumes will change from year to year, but it’s the stalwarts that always prove to be winners – the princesses, the cowboys, the Spidermen…expect to melt!

Join the Zombie Walk

Now an institution, this annual walk takes place during the Purim holiday (usually on a Saturday night). It’s fun, it’s harmless, and it’s getting bigger every year! Purim in Israel gets a bit hairy now and again – read more here!

Catch the Adloyada Purim Parade

The Adloyada is a fun parade that takes place in many of Israel’s biggest towns, although it was originally started in Tel Aviv some 100 years ago. The biggest and best parade is largely acknowledged to take place in Holon, just outside Tel Aviv.

Hear the Megillah

At Purim, one of the must-dos is to hear the Megillah – the Scroll of Esther – being read aloud, typically in a synagogue. Congregants get dressed up and don’t be surprised to see the alcohol flowing! It’s a real Jewish Purim experience! If you’re in Tel Aviv, check out the Beit Daniel Reform Synagogue, which usually has a FREE Megillah session or two to enjoy (in fact, many synagogues will have free services you can join).

Head to the desert for a Purim Carnival

The guys down south at Desert Ashram now hold an annual Purim Carnival – in the middle of the desert! Check out their website for more details (they hold some funky festivals throughout the year). The video below will give you a taste of what to expect (expect a rave!)…

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