The Tel Aviv Zombie Walk: a must-do Purim institution!

tel aviv zombie walkThe annual Tel Aviv Zombie Walk has fast become a Purim institution, with the number of zombied participants rising every year!

This crazy event happens only at Purim (hence once a year) and is definitely worth getting yourselves made up for – the more bloodier and nasty, the better! And it’s no surprise that this awesome little walk is one of the 8 must dos when in Israel for Purim!

Typically the event starts at 21:00/21:30 on the corner of Ben Zion / King George streets. The gathered pack of zombies might get a bit too much in future years (last year some 4000 Tel Aviv zombies took part!), but for now this is where things kick off.

The nice thing about this event is it is totally volunteer-based, and word of mouth. So if you fancy bringing your friends along, please do!

The 2023 Zombie Walk is currently scheduled for March 12th; for more details, see the Facebook page.

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In case you need a taster of things, check out the video below…

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