Tel Aviv in December

I'm not sure how many times we've told you about the stonkingly awesome weather in Israel, but we'll keep on doing it until you get your ticket and come over an... Read More...
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Sunflowers and Cherries

This week it's all about sunflowers and cherries, the last two remnants of slightly cooler days -  before the long hot summer comes and smacks us in the face! B... Read More...

Purim 2010

So this weekend saw Purim festivities hit Israel, and hit Israel big time. Undoubtedly the most fun of all the Jewish holidays, it's a great excuse to get dress... Read More...
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Jerusalem from above

So we've all seen the standard tourist shots of Jerusalem; the Old City, the Western Wall or even Ben Yehuda promenade, oh yeh, most of us are probably very fam... Read More...



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