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Jerusalem ToursThe Holy City of Jerusalem is a must-see when visiting Israel – and once you stroll through the old alleyways of the Old City, witness the sun glinting off the golden Dome of the Rock, and feel the sheer power of history and tradition seeping from almost every corner, you’ll ask yourselves why you didn’t come sooner!

We’ve picked SIX of the very best Jerusalem tours for your enjoyment, tours that will provide you with a unique insight into life in Jerusalem, in addition to the must-see sites that you brought your camera along for!

Jerusalem Day Tour (from Tel Aviv)

Jerusalem toursIf you’re located in Tel Aviv and want to squeeze in a day tour to Jerusalem, this is the tour for you! We’ll take you through all FOUR quarters of the Old City, where you’ll get a taste of some of the true icons of Jerusalem, including the Mount of Olives, the Via Dolorosa, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, and the Western “Wailing” Wall. We’ll wrap up the tour at the bustling market of Machane Yehuda, which might just be the icing on the cake for market lovers (though be prepared for a real Middle Eastern experience!). Prices start from only 300 shekels per person, which includes transport, entrance fees and a guided tour of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem Market Tasting Tour

machane yehudaIf you’re keen to get a taste of some of the amazing delicacies you can find in Jerusalem’s Machane Yehuda market, you’ll want this tour! Come hungry for this one, as you’ll get to try some real market delights – this “shuk” is home to a ton of specialty shops, thriving fruit and veg stores, clothes, bustling bars and restaurants, plus¬†spices and smells galore! Prices start from 140 shekels per person. Note there is also a private tour option¬†(for a minimum of 2 people) that finishes with a cooking session, in which you cook up some traditional Israeli cuisine with the produce purchased on your market tour!


Meeting the Ultra Orthodox Jews

jerusalem Western WallFor the ultimate Jerusalem experience, how about meeting the mysterious but culturally rich Ultra Orthodox population of Jerusalem. You’ll head to one of the ultra religious neighborhoods (so dress modestly) and get to lift the veil of this sector of the Israeli population – otherwise known as Haredim – that is wayyy off the usual tourist trail. Find out all about what makes this community tick, including their views on marriage, the role of women in their society, media, charity, as well as their current place in modern Israeli society. One of the most fascinating Jerusalem tours out there, this tour starts from only 130 shekels per person, which includes a tour of the neighborhood by an Ultra Orthodox Jew.

Full Day tour of the Holy Sites of Jerusalem

If you were hankering for the true Holy sites of this amazing city, and Jerusalem tours that will bring your Biblical knowledge to life, then our Holy City tour is for you! Expect to experience over 5000 years of amazing Jerusalem history, while exploring the true classics of this amazing city, including all the sites you’d want to visit in the Old City (including the Dome of the Rock/Temple Mount – or a unique viewpoint of this site if its a Muslim holiday or Friday/Saturday). Modest dress is required (no bare shoulders or legs). Prices start from 235 shekels only, which includes a guided tour!

Jerusalem Pub Crawl

Machane Yehuda market nighWe say you haven’t really explored a city until you’ve seen it by night, and a Jerusalem pub crawl is a fantastic way to see the Holy City come alive at night! We were surprised at just how funky Jerusalem got after dark, and only thanks to this amazing pub crawl! You’ll get to explore some off-the-beaten-track bars, meet some fellow tourists thirsting for a beer, and hey, might even end up on stage if you catch an open mic night…prices start at 50 shekels per person, which includes free shots and VIP entrance to some damn cool establishments!

Run Jerusalem!

jerusalem running tourOK, in addition to the great Jerusalem tours listed above, we’ve got a great option for those who love to sweat and pound the streets – running the streets & alleys of Jerusalem!

You’ll get to run through Jerusalem’s historic sites, experiencing the multicultural, holy and modern atmosphere of this amazing city. And don’t worry about setting the pace, the tours are customized to suit your interests and running ability. And to top it off, you get a cool 360 degree video and photos summarising your experience! Tours start from just $70, with BIG discounts if there are others joining you!


jerusalem running tour

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