Masada Sunrise Tour

Masada Sunrise tourThis is surely the ultimate way to experience one of Israel’s absolute must-sees! We’ll take you on an early-morning adventure that will stay with you forever – in this Masada sunrise tour you’ll get to experience the famous sunrise views from the Masada fortress, before visiting the beautiful Ein Gedi Nature reserve, and the cooling waters of the Dead Sea!

If it’s a Masada sunrise tour you’re after, this is the one for you. This tour is the only regular tour, and can be taken from Tel Aviv or from Jerusalem, whichever works for you. We take care of everything to make sure you get to the Dead Sea in the early hours so that you arrive at Masada in time to see the beautiful sunrise across the Dead Sea and Jordanian mountains.

Leaving early in the morning, we’ll drive to the foot of Masada. As you begin to climb up the Masada Western entrance, the sun will be beckoning in the east over the Moab mountains in Jordan. You’ll reach the summit as the sun peeks over the mountain tops in the distance, illuminating the stunning desert landscape below, and shimmering off the still waters of the Dead Sea.

Once you’ve had your fill of breathtaking views, you’ll spend some time exploring the archaeological ruins at Masada, made famous as a Roman fortress taken over by Jewish rebels for their last stand against the advancing Roman armies. Then it’s time to descent down the famous Snake Path, a moderate half hour hike down the eastern face of Masada.

Then we’ll continue to Ein Gedi, a desert oasis in the Judean Desert rich with history, flora, and fauna. You’ll get to hike along the spring, where you can stop to enjoy the cool running water and refreshing streams – and boy it’s such a delight on one of those hot, desert days! The final part of the day is spent at the lowest point on earth, the Dead Sea. Take a float in those amazing salty waters and cover yourself in the legendary Dead Sea mud, which you’ve probably seen sold world-wide thanks to its renowned powers of re-energizing health and beauty, before we head back home.

A true highlight of any trip to Israel – what are you waiting for?

Masada Sunrise Tour from Jerusalem Masada Sunrise Tour from Tel Aviv

Here’s a taste of what to expect…

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