Top 10 ways to virtually enjoy the BEST of Israel!

OK, so with that nasty ol’ COVID-19 running rampant across the world, it looks like some of you might not be able to make that long-awaited trip to Israel just yet. But, never fear! We’ve collected TEN of the very best virtual tours of Israel, from art museums to some of Israel’s top attractions – all of which can be enjoyed from the comfort of your own home!

Yep, there’s no need to worry about passports, flights, public transport, or even that alco-stinky hand-wash – all you need to do is click on some of the links below to get an amazing virtual glimpse of Israel!

Check out our COVID-19 travel updates for Israel right here. When you finally do board that flight to Israel, don’t forget to take a browse through this little list of the 101 best things to do, or take a look at some of our amazing Israel tours!

In no particular order…

Virtually wander the Old City of Jerusalem

Navigate the street view below for an amazing virtual tour of the very best of Jerusalem, thanks to Google Street View! Need more Google Street views of Israel? Check this little lot out

Virtually explore the Israel Museum

Click HERE to explore some of the exhibits at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. If there’s one museum you HAVE to add to your Israel bucket-list, it’s this one…


Virtually pray at the Western Wall in Jerusalem

Click HERE for an amazing 360-degree tour of the Western Wall, otherwise known as HaKotel in Hebrew, or to many pilgrims as the Wailing Wall. Truly one of the must-sees (even virtually!) in Israel!

Explore the Tel Aviv Museum of Art online

Click HERE if you’re in need of a culture boost and want to check out some of Israel’s finest art exhibitions! The Tel Aviv Museum of Art has opened many of its exhibitions for virtual online viewing, so go get arty!

tel aviv art museum

Enjoy FREE performances by the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra

Click HERE to enjoy the tinkling talents of the legendary pianist Martha Argerich together with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra (and yes, there are a number of great concerts to enjoy on the same link)…

Take a 360-degree one day tour of Tel Aviv & Jaffa

Check out the clip below – don’t forget to drag your mouse (or move your phone) around to check out all the angles – to get a real taste of what to expect during a one day tour of Tel Aviv & Old Jaffa. But if you’ve got the time, we’d highly recommend at least 48 hours in Tel Aviv!

Virtually soak in the Dead Sea

If you’re still dreaming about floating in the Dead Sea, check out this great little 360-degree video that will give you a taster of what it’s all about…don’t forget to drag your mouse (or move your phone) around to check out all the angles!

Virtually visit Ben Gurion’s home

Click HERE for a virtual tour of the home of legendary Israeli leader David Ben Gurion, Israel’s very first PM! You have to sign-up in advance (?!), and the twice-daily tours are in Hebrew, but they give a nice insight into life on the kibbutz for the PM and his wife Paula.

Ben Gurions Living Room

Take a virtual road trip across Israel

Check out the video below if you feel like riding across Israel in a flashy open-top car with some beautiful young Israelis! Expect to see some of Nazareth, Haifa, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem among others! Don’t forget to drag your mouse (or move your phone) around to check out all the angles!

Enjoy a 360-degree sunset tour of Tel Aviv promenade

Check out the video below for a gorgeous sunset ride along Tel Aviv’s beach promenade, including the sounds of beach time fun! Don’t forget to drag your mouse (or move your phone) around to check out all the angles!

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