Dead Sea

Floating in the Dead Sea: a MUST DO on any visit to Israel!

dead sea floatingFloating in the Dead Sea is as touristy as it gets, but really is a must-do when visiting Israel.

There’s just something surreal about the sensation you feel when entering the water, as your legs are slowly forced to rise and you find yourself afloat. You’ll probably find it surprisingly hard to stand up, as the saltwater of the Dead Sea (it’s eight times more salient than regular seas) takes control of your buoyancy. Don’t fight it, just let go and enjoy!

If you’re looking for an excellent budget-friendly option to take you down to the Dead Sea, try this excellent Dead Sea tour! Please note: this is only for those wanting an awesome¬†experience at the Lowest Place On Earth!

Oh yes, floating in the Dead Sea really is great fun, and will give you a sense of freedom you’ve probably never felt before. Just lie back and soak in the sun. And though we wouldn’t usually recommend soaking up those cruel Middle Eastern rays, because the Dead Sea is so low, the harmful UV rays are much weaker…

Our hot tip: Cake yourself in some genuine Dead Sea mud (easy to find at beaches like Kalia Beach) and then soak in the Dead Sea. You’ll end up feeling like a million dollars! Another hot tip – bring some flip-flops or beach shoes to reach the water’s edge, especially in the hotter months – the stones and mud on the beach can get extremely hot!

Best beach for floating in the Dead Sea? Head for Mineral Beach (and definitely order the massage in advance, Tel: 02-9944888) or Kalia Beach, or even the spa at Ein Gedi. Your best FREE option is the hotel strip at Ein Bokek, towards the southern end.

Things to avoid: DON’T jump, splash or dive in – you’re eyes really won’t appreciate the salt! DON’T try swimming in the Dead Sea. DON’T immerse your head. And DON’T drink the water. We’d also recommend NOT shaving or waxing the same day; those open pores will burn!

Read more about the Dead Sea, the lowest spot on Earth, here.

And here’s some great clips to get you in the mood for that perfect touristy moment: floating in the Dead Sea…kicking off with comedian Conan O’Brien!

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