The Israel Festival: one of Israel’s very best cultural attractions for over 50 years

Israel FestivalThe Israel Festival is one of Israel’s most important and popular cultural festivals. Typically spread over 3 weeks in the early summer, the Israel Festival is an awesome event that has a little bit of everything for Israeli art and culture fans…

The three week Festival brings music, dance, and theater to the masses in a range of top Jerusalem cultural hotspots (such as the Jerusalem Theater, the Henry Crown Concert Hall, the Tower of David Museum and the Museum of Islamic Art). It also always has a mix of top local and celebrated international artists taking part.

Those attending the Israel Festival get to enjoy some truly amazing culture, and there are usually a number of awesome events to catch (including premieres of Israeli pieces and tributes to local talent, street shows and performances, some sublime evening jazz, and kid’s shows).

The 2021 Israel Festival runs from 3 – 19 June.
And yes, despite Corona, this year’s festival will include live performances! Yaayy!

Refer to the official website for further details, or call *2561.

All tickets range between 0 – 180 shekels, with discounts available for senior citizens, students and active duty soldiers. Other ticket deals can be found on the festival website. There are also various shuttle services on the opening night and other nights too – check the festival website for details.

The Festival is a long-standing cultural event in the Holy Land and eagerly anticipated: the first ever Israel Festival took place back in 1961 in Caesarea, before being adopted by Jerusalem in 1982. Ever since, the majority of Festival events have taken place in the capital.

The festival’s goal is to “promote artistic encounters crossing all political and national boundaries, to encourage collaborations between Israeli artists and their colleagues from abroad, and to introduce the public to emerging forms of art.” We think it does a mighty fine job of doing just that…

Here’s a taster…

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