Achziv Beach

Summer in Israel (VIDEO)

Oh yeh, there might be wars and rockets now and again, but summers in Israel, they're pretty darned hard to beat! This is a great video, created by videograp... Read More...
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Snow in Jerusalem (VIDEO)!

So yes, it really does snow in Jerusalem! Here's the video proof, a great collection of videos from the big storm of December 2013... Read More...
Jerusalem Light Rail Snow

Winter in Israel (PICTURES)

With the winter in Israel fully upon us, we thought it might be an idea to bring you some amazing pictures, just to prove to you that, yes, Israel does have a w... Read More...
Winter in Israel

Winter in Tel Aviv

Last week it may well have been beach weather, but this week the rain has hit town. Yes, yes, I know, rain in Israel, unbelievable! Here's a great little video ... Read More...

Tel Aviv in December

I'm not sure how many times we've told you about the stonkingly awesome weather in Israel, but we'll keep on doing it until you get your ticket and come over an... Read More...
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So, does it rain in Israel?

You might have been forgiven for thinking that Israel doesn't have much of a winter, what with posts about wearing flip-flops in January and shots of delicious ... Read More...



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