Signs that winter is well and truly here in Israel – Krembo!

Ahh yes, there really is a winter here in Israel! OK, it might not be of the raging snowstorm type, but winter is winter, and try telling any Israeli that this really isn’t a winter…

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And one of the signs that winter is well and truly here (because, let’s face it, if you blink you might miss it) is the appearance of Krembo on shop shelves!

Krembo Israel

Krembo is the name of a chocolate-coated marshmallow treat that is pretty popular in Israel through the winter months. Coming in two flavors, vanilla and mocha (coffee-like), vanilla seems to be the most popular by far.

The Krembo itself is made up of a biscuit base, topped with fluffy marshmallow creme-like foam, and coated in a thin layer of dairy-free chocolate. It also comes wrapped in a colorful aluminium foil; blue for the vanilla Krembo, brown for the mocha flavored.

Grab one if you’re in Israel this winter!



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