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Petra Tour from IsraelOne of the most spectacular side-trips to make on your trip to Israel has to be a stopover in Petra, the legendary Lost City, and one of the world’s true wonders! This will be an unforgettable trek into the desert where you will explore the ancient cities of Jerash, Amman and Petra (and the mind-boggling desert beauty of Wadi Rum if you take a 3-day tour).

With an overnight stay in a Bedouin campsite and full transportation to and from Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, this is going to be a trip to remember for all the right reasons!

The benefits of choosing our tours include an experienced guide who stays with you the entire trip, a full day to explore the wonders of Petra, and yes, awesome value you’re unlikely to better! For full details of what tours are available to Jordan and Petra, please check out our tour partner website in the links below (just click on the tours below – and don’t miss our own 3 day adventure in Jordan, it’s a great read with some great insights into what to expect!).

Petra Tour Jerusalem

Petra Tour Tel Aviv
Petra Wadi Rum Tour Tel Aviv

Petra Wadi Rum Tour Jerusalem

Prices for these awesome little tours to Petra start from just 1450 shekels (around $410 when this article was posted) per person, and includes ALL transportation, a guide that’s with you 24/7, ALL entrance fees, accommodation AND meals!

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And here’s a taste of what to expect when you take one of our tours to Petra and Jordan…

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