Feel it hot, hot, hot! But no swimming in the sea please…

Tel Aviv beach with kidsIt might only be March, and some parts of Europe may well be still covered in snow, but over here in Israel it’s piping hot. Yesterday it hit the 30s in Tel Aviv, while in Ein Gedi (next to the Dead Sea) it reached 38C. Today the mercury’s expected to reach similar heights, although tomorrow there’s quite a drop in temperatures expected. Not quite thermal-season, but you might have to pack your flip-flops away for a few days…

But of course, as soon as it gets all hot and steamy in the Holy Land, there’s a catch. And it’s a cracker. As you strip off at Tel Aviv beach and relish the thought of the cool Mediterranean water rippling all over your hot, sweaty body, watch out for that guy screaming and waving at you like a wild thing. He’s actually an inspector and he’s there to stop you having fun.

OK, he’s actually there to help stop you drowning. Because all Tel Aviv lifeguards are in Eilat this week partying on a course. Why they couldn’t have reserve batch of lifeguards, or do the course in shifts, or heck, even do the course in Tel Aviv, we’ll never know. So just watch out if someone looks like he’s about to rugby-tackle you as you head for the water…



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