Tel Aviv in December

I’m not sure how many times we’ve told you about the stonkingly awesome weather in Israel, but we’ll keep on doing it until you get your ticket and come over and visit! Yes, it might be the end of December and deep into winter, but somebody needs to have word with ‘im upstairs as he obviously isn’t paying attention…

Yesterday it hit 27 Celsius in Tel Aviv. People flocked to the beach (I’m guessing a fair few of those were tourists here to celebrate Christmas), and ice-cream sellers were smiling once again. I didn’t make it to the beach yesterday (you know, life gets in the way sometimes…) but I did take my kids to the beach a few days earlier, a week or so before Christmas. And I thought you should see the pictures (taken with the iPhone, so excuse the quality)…

December in Tel Aviv…and just in case you were thinking this is a one-off, this is what it was like back in January this year. Blimey.



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