8 of the very BEST Eilat tours you need to add to your bucket list


OK, you’re in Eilat and looking for the BEST Eilat tours to make that trip to this awesome Red Sea resort truly unforgettable…well, look no further than this little list!

Yep, you might be surprised to know that you can head to Masada from Eilat (it’s about the same distance and time from Tel Aviv!), pop across the border for an amazing two-day trip to Wadi Rum and Petra, and even head down for a Sinai beach adventure combined with a sunrise hike up the magnificent Mount Sinai (yes, the site where Moses was handed the Ten Commandments!).

These Eilat tours really do offer a bit of everything for everyone – and basing yourself in Eilat for a few days might just end up with you having a sun-soaked adventure you’ll take with you to the grave!

If the above list isn’t generating for you (sometimes amazingly wonderful scripts and plugins still suck), click here for all the Eilat tours you’ll ever need!

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