Judean Desert Jeep Tour

If swimming in natural desert springs and discovering and exploring hidden desert monasteries is something that grabs your fancy, our Judean Desert Jeep tour is perhaps the ultimate day trip!

The tour starts in Jerusalem (and is currently only available from the Holy City), typically setting off at 8 am.

As this is an off-road jeep tour, expect some exhilarating moments along the way; you will get to experience real desert life and will be visiting various tourist spots definitely off-the-beaten-track!

Your first stop will be at Mount Azazel, a sacred hilltop which you will reach at around 9 in the morning. You will descend down into the wadi and enter an area that was once inhabited by the nomadic Bedouin tribes – a territory that’s so off-road you can only get there with one of our hard-core jeeps…

Your next stop is to explore the summit of the mountain and indulge in some of the views of the amazing cliff-hugging Mar Saba Monastery. Most travelers don’t even know about this site because getting here can be a bit tricky. But, of course, it is absolutely worth the effort and once you’re, the only thing you’ll notice is the beauty of the huge monastery which was built some 1,500 years ago.

Then we’ll continue passing by the gorgeous Nabi Musa (where locals believe Moses was buried), and stop for lunch. Continuing on after being re-energized, we’ll stop at Ein Prat, where you can have a dip in a truly gorgeous desert spring! It’s also coffee time so if you’re not up for swimming or if you just wanna chill on the side, you can enjoy the coffee and snacks before we head back to Jerusalem.

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