Desert Stargazing

stargazing in israelIf you’re looking for the perfect stargazing tour in Israel, the desert is the ultimate spot!

We have teamed up with desert stargazing experts for a stargazing experience you’ll never forget!

Our desert stargazing tour takes place in Mitzpe Ramon, which is also an amazing spot to take in the wide expanse of sky above us…there’s a whole lot of darkness, but, in turn, that means a ton more stars…for more details, click the button below.

desert stargazing in ramon crater

The Mitzpe Ramon stargazing tour also comes with some impressive telescopes and some awe-inspiring tales and mythological stories of the stars above us, given by truly engaging professionals who know what they’re talking about. Seriously, if your knowledge about the stars could do with some improvement, this tour will have you talking like a NASA scientist within minutes – we’ve also experienced the tour ourselves with 3 kids, and they had a blast! So yes, kids are welcome – just bear in mind the stargazing takes place at night (from 9pm onwards), so isn’t really an option for younger children.

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