Desert Hikes

desert hiking tour israelIf you love the great outdoors and want to be completely wowed, then take one of these awe-inspiring desert hikes! Customize it to your taste and limits, but expect some wonderful nights under starry desert skies in Israel…

Led by some of the most inspiring desert guides in Israel, you can choose from a variety of desert hike options, including:

  • An open group tour, which typically is a hike through the Israel desert over 3-5 days. Expect a hike of somewhere between 15-20km a day, with all logistics taken care of – all you need to worry about is your daily food pack and water for the day. Group sizes are 6-20 people.
  • Private day hikes through the stunning Zin Valley and Ramon Crater. This is typically a 4-6 hour hike, but can be extended if you have the time. Suitable for all ages and abilities.
  • Private long-distance hikes through the Zin Valley and Ramon Crater. Perfect for those of you looking to get a real feel for the wonders of the desert, this tour can be customized from 2-5 days. We take care of ALL the logistics, all you need to carry is your daily food pack and water.
  • Private independent hikes of the Ramon Crater and Arava desert. For the more hardcore, these hikes also range from 2-5 days, but you take everything with you – this hike doesn’t come with logistics!

desert hike ramon crater

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