Kayaking on the Sea of Galilee

kayaking tour israelIf you’re looking for an unforgettable experience on the Sea of Galilee, where you can kayak on the waters of this legendary lake and explore some of the area’s famous Christian landmarks, we have a variety of amazing tours for you to enjoy!

Forget about taking a boring old tour bus around the sites of the Sea of Galilee – try one of these unforgettable kayaking tours to bring the famous sites around this magnificent lake to life! There’s nothing quite like paddling out into the middle of the Sea of Galilee (Lake Kinneret as it’s known in Hebrew), while enjoying the true tranquility of one of the world’s most famous lakes and observing the magnificent wildlife just feet away from your kayak…

We have FOUR different kayaking tours to enjoy (and they can, of course, be customized if needed):

Tour 1: Explore the hometown of Jesus – We paddle out to the Jordan delta near Bethsaida and Jesus’ hometown of Capernaum, and the Church of the Primacy of St. Peter (where Jesus entrusted Peter with continuing his work and in turn the laying of the foundations of the Christian religion). Total paddling distance: 11 km (about 4 hours). Not for beginners.

Tour 2: Explore the castle walls of Tiberias to the Jordan River and the John the Baptist site – We’ll follow the castle walls of Tiberias, and see some of the most astounding ancient mosaics in the Middle East. Then enter the Jordan River from the Sea of Galilee to the famous baptismal site where John the Baptist baptized Christ and where you will undoubtedly feel the presence of God. Total paddling distance: 8 km (about 4 hours). For beginners/those with minimal experience.

Tour 3: Paddle with Mary Magdalena and the fishermen – We’ll explore the 1st century sites in the area and culture of the people living by the lake at that time. Watch out for the home of Mary Magdalena, under the cliffs of Mount Arbel, and the first-century wooden boat used at that time by Jesus’ disciples, many of whom were fishermen. Total paddling distance: 7 km (about 4 hours). For beginners/those with minimal experience.

Tour 4: A SIX DAY kayaking holiday of a lifetime – This amazing six-day tour caters to Christian believers wanting the ultimate experience in the Holy Land, where they can paddle in the Sea of Galilee and bring many of the sites in the Bible to life! A truly unique and unforgettable tour spread over six days (and some 60km in paddling distance). Not for beginners.

kayaking tour israel

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