Israel Cruise Excursions

israel cruise excursionIf you’re on a cruise and stopping by at one of Israel’s main shore excursion ports (Haifa or Ashdod), don’t miss one of our amazing off-shore excursions! We have a full-range of exciting and history-packed tours that will stay with you forever! Explore the sights of ancient, holy Jerusalem, float in the Dead Sea, explore the pure energy and cultural wonders of Tel Aviv, and scale the magnificent mountain-top fortress of Masada!

All tours are kept to a small group size (maximum 18 people) and transport to and from the various sites is done in a luxury, super-comfy minibus. And, of course, all tours have a hand-picked expert who will make sure your tour is one to remember! Prices start from just $99 for a full day tour!

View ALL our shore excursion trips from Haifa & Ashdod ports

View ALL our shore excursion trips from Haifa & Ashdod ports



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