Caravan Tours

caravan tour israelIf you’re looking for an unforgettable outdoor adventure in Israel, how about taking a caravan tour around some of the most amazing sights in the Holy Land?

Get to enjoy some of Israel’s off-the-beaten-track gems and stunning natural vistas in the comfort of a caravan! Take things at your own pace, decide on the route that suits you (though we’ll gladly recommend a route for you, depending on the time available you have and your interests), and have a caravan holiday to truly remember!

All caravans come fully equipped, including with sheets, air-conditioning (much needed in Israel!), fridges, and even TVs (but trust us, you probably won’t even switch it on!). Almost all caravan sites also supply you with an electricity and water connection for a small fee, so all you have to do is sit back and relax!

The best thing about taking a caravan trip is that YOU determine the pace and the agenda. And with the caravan tour industry starting to take-off big-time in Israel, there are plenty of great sites to enjoy! And we’re speaking from experience – we took a two-week caravan tour in the summer of 2017 – click here to find out just how much we had!

With your holiday in your own hands, all you have to decide on is which parts of Israel to head to! We’ll offer you our best advice of course, depending on your own needs and interests, but just to whet your appetite, how about exploring the Sea of Galilee, the Jordan River, the Mediterranean Coast, the Negev Desert or the wilderness of the Arava?

For more details, prices, and possible itineraries for your caravan trip of a lifetime, click on the button below.

Just as a quick taster of some possible itineraries, how about a 5-night tour of the Galilee and northern Israel; a 6-night tour of the desert wilderness of southern Israel; or a  13-night tour of the best of Israel? We’ve got a possible tour for every budget and every Holy Land fantasy!

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