Our Summer Adventure 2018: Tel Aviv vs. Jerusalem!

This summer we’re taking you on a tour of Israel’s finest two cities in a bid to decide once and for all which is the better – it’s Tel Aviv vs. Jerusalem baby!!!

After 2016’s crazy 32 day tour from Metulla to Eilat, and last year’s 15 day caravan tour, you’ll be pleased to hear that we’re only heading out for 10 days this time! However, we’ll still be squeezing in some true Tel Aviv and Jerusalem delights, while also highlighting the very different nature of these two amazing cities. Which one will come out on top…who the heck knows!?!

As always, our tour is primarily to give you some great ideas on sites that might not typically make it to your bucket list of Israel destinations. The entire iGoogledIsrael crew will be in the house (2 adults, 3 kids) – and excuse us if we have a cracking time enjoying ourselves while we find out which city kills it, Jerusalem or Tel Aviv!

Among the highlights already lined up:

  • The best of Tel Aviv beaches
  • The best escape room in Israel
  • The best of Jerusalem’s Old City
  • A behind-the-scenes look at one of Israel’s original kibbutzes (just outside Tel Aviv)
  • A meetup with the Orthodox Jews of Jerusalem
  • A hard night’s drinking in Tel Aviv
  • …and a few more surprises along the way!

Now for a short commercial break: the tour is being kindly sponsored by a number of very generous sponsors, most notably Abraham Hostels and Abraham Tours. We’ll be staying at the awesome Abraham Hostels in Tel Aviv AND Jerusalem (seriously, two of the best and budget-friendliest places to stay in Israel), and joining them on a number of their tours. Other great peeps will be mentioned along the way, which you can read about below. Join us for the ride – and watch out for the hashtag #TLVvsJLM – it’ll be everywhere this summer!

Vote for your own personal fave – Tel Aviv or Jerusalem – right HERE!

Day 1: Tel Aviv here we come!


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