Wash those sightseeing aches & pains away with a Masu massage!

Masu-massageYou know what it’s like after a long day squeezing in some of the amazing sights of Israel, you’re just beat. All you really want to do is have a shower, crash out on your bed, and hope your partner has enough energy to give you a quick shoulder rub…

Well, thanks to a new service from Masu, you can now really go to town and have a full-on massage in your hotel room! Oh yes, choose a massage treatment, decide how long you want, and within a couple of hours notice they can be in your room, gently (or vigorously) banishing those aches and pains! We’re not sure it can get any better than that!

And did we just hear partners around the world breathe a huge sigh of relief??!!

We (to be more precise, the wife) tried the service on our Summer Adventure, and have to say, it was a great break from the hustle and bustle of a busy day exploring Tel Aviv.

Vladi was our masseuse, and he was excellent according to my wife. Very professional, relaxing, and very optimistic. After an hour in Vladi’s hands, she was like a new woman!

There are a range of massage treatments available, and all therapists are apparently vetted to ensure they meet Masu’s high standards. Prices are also very reasonable, starting from just 250 shekels for an hour’s massage (you can choose longer sessions).

If you need a massage in Israel, we can highly recommend Masu!

To book online, see the Masu website.

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