The King David Light Show: another light spectacular at the Tower of David!

King David Light ShowNew to Jerusalem this summer is the King David Light Show at the Tower of David – and like its alternative light show (the awesome Night Spectacular), it’s one to savor!

The show itself is a little shorter than the Night Spectacular (I think), but the effects are still pretty special.

The story portrayed on the walls of the Tower of David is that of the legendary King David and how he turned from a shepherd boy into the King of Israel – including his slingshot battle with Goliath (yep, even I recognized that bit!).

This multi-sensory show uses some impressive technology, and should wow your kids, and you! My kids enjoyed it a lot!

To book online, check out the Tower of David website. Tickets start from 40 shekels (for adults it’s 65 shekels). You can also get a combo ticket that will include a reduced fee for the Tower of David Museum.

One thing to remember: the show is in the open, so wrap up warm as it can get a bit chilly at night in Jerusalem, even during the summer months!

I don’t think the clip below is much of a spoiler, though does give you a great example of the effects you can see on the walls of the Tower of David.

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