The Tower of David Night Spectacular – still one of the best shows in town!

The Night Spectacular Tower of David

We last visited the Night Spectacular show at the Tower of David in Jerusalem some 5 years ago or so – but are happy to let you know that it’s still one of the best shows in town!

This time we went with the kids (aged 6, 9, and 11), and yes, they loved it! It’s still spectacular, even though it hasn’t changed a bit (or if it has, very little in the last 5 years). And if it gets the kids’ seal of approval, it has to be pretty decent!

We hadn’t spent the day at the Tower of David citadel (very highly recommended by the way, but not on our tour for this particular day), but had just come from another new, much-hyped show just down the road – I Am Jerusalem (another great attraction, and worth checking out if you’re planning a few things to see and do in the Holy City).

The queue to get in to the Night Spectacular is still pretty big – something that hasn’t changed in the last 5 years – and then there’s the walk around the citadel to get to the main stage on the other side of the citadel, which is lit up at night in yes, spectacular, fashion!

And then the show begins…

If you like your visuals and amazing history, this is for you! The show is beamed onto the walls of the citadel via 20 projectors with no real narrative, but there’s really no need for a storyteller, what with  the stunning images of the history of Jerusalem through its various rulers down the ages. Some of the visuals are amazing and appear almost touchable, while others use the towers and walls of the citadel to amazing effect…

For further information regarding performance times and prices (current prices are 55 shekels per adult, 45 shekels per child, but you can get a 2-in-1 ticket which includes access to the Tower of David citadel for 70 shekels), see the Tower of David site:

Highly recommended if you’re in Jerusalem – go see it!

* Photo by Amit Geron

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