Michaelangelo, Jaffa: add it to your vegan must-try list!


You might have already heard about Tel Aviv and its penchant for everything vegan, but with the surge in new vegan restaurants popping up, it’s not easy keeping track of the great little places to try. Our vegan expert Eviatar recommended this place as one of the must-eat vegan restaurants in Tel Aviv, and off we went to try it!

It might not look like much from the outside, hidden away in one of Jaffa’s tiny side-streets, but inside there’s a real Tel Aviv vibe there, with a mix of tourists, new immigrants (we heard a lot of English spoken), and cool locals.

Despite a bit of a wait (seems we caught them during a busy lunch hour), the food that ended up on our plates was pretty darned tasty!┬áThere were some real surprises too, things that we weren’t expecting! We let owner Stav guide us and she spoiled us with some of their unique vegan specials, including the Mousaka, the vegan kebab, and the lemon and creamed cashew pie for dessert.

We’re definitely not vegan, so we won’t preach to you about the virtues and morals of veganism, but we’ll just put it like this – if you enjoy food, and food that tastes good, you’ll love Michaelangelo. If you’re vegan, you’ll probably absolutely fall head over heels for her…

Highly recommended!

Location: 2 Ben Teradion Street, Jaffa
Opening Hours: 7:30 am – 11 pm
You can also find them on Facebook.


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