Hummus Abu Dubi: superb hummus in the heart of Tel Aviv!

hummus abu dubi

Ask any local for the best hummus restaurant in Tel Aviv, and they’re more than likely to send you down Jaffa way…but you really don’t have to stray out of the center for a slice of chickpea goodness, just head along to Hummus Abu Dubi!

We first noticed these guys strutting their creamy stuff on Instagram, so were more than happy to try them out on our Tel Aviv vs Jerusalem Summer Adventure. And boy, we weren’t disappointed!

I’m still in hummus heaven so can’t even remember what we had to eat, except it was way too much, and way too tasty (pics above and below)! If you’re not sure what exactly to order, put your trust in the waiting staff, they speak great English and seem to know what to recommend. They’re also a friendly bunch, so even if you’re a hummus beginner, don’t worry!

Like many a hummus joint in Israel, don’t expect fancy seating and fancy tables – you’re here for the culinary experience only, so get ready to fire up those taste-buds!

Bonus point: they’re vegan!

Highly recommended!

Location: King George 81, Tel Aviv
Opening Hours: 10 am – 11 pm
You can also catch them on Facebook. And yep, they made it to our list of the BEST eateries in Tel Aviv!

Hummus abu dubi

Hummus abu dubi

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