The BEST Escape Room in Jerusalem!!!

escaperoomisraelI’m not sure if they’re as big in your neck of the woods, but here in Israel, Escape Rooms have become huuuge!

We’ve been dying to do one as a family for some time, so as part of our Summer Adventure, we arranged to try our luck at the Escape Room in Jerusalem. There are probably a number of Escape Rooms in Jerusalem, but this is the link you’ll need to book online (dead easy to do). They seem to have a number of branches throughout the country, so pick and choose according to your location and the level of challenge you want!

As Escape Room beginners, we went with the “Beginner” level Robbery of the Century Escape Room, where a renowned nutty scientist has hidden a suitcase full of cash in his house, your job being to find the suitcase of cash and to escape from the house within 60 minutes!

It’s great fun, the kids had a great time, and it’s amazing to see them working together and uncovering clues! I’m not going to give anything away here but I think the input (over walkie-talkie) by the Escape Room staff is a big help!

To cut a long story short, we did it, with just over a minute to spare!

So yep, add an Escape Room to your itinerary if you’re visiting Israel with kids, you won’t regret it!

Disclaimer: We were invited guests of Escape Room Israel.

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