The Natural History Museum, Tel Aviv: add it to the bucket list!

When you’re in Tel Aviv and looking for somewhere cool, fun, and interactive – especially with the kids in tow – head to the Museum of Natural History!

After many years of meticulous planning, the Steinhardt Museum of Natural History in Tel Aviv was finally opened to the public in September 2018. Housing thousands of exhibits which had been the preserve of Tel Aviv University, the purpose built museum also showcases attractions for tourists, students and school children.

The aim of the museum is to display and explain the huge range of natural history unique to Israel. It has permanent collections, interactive displays and visiting collections to help provide an overall and detailed look at development specific to Israel. This includes the impact of modern cities and environmental change, past, present and future.

5 and a half million animal specimens!

The Steinhardt Natural History Museum benefits from 5.5 million animal specimens, covering millions of years of life in the region, from dinosaur fossils to modern animal species. The displays have been designed to highlight the differences in scale and structure of life forms over the eras.

The impact and development of desert landscapes in particular are vitally important to the natural history of Israel. The museum explores the life forms which survive here and have lived here throughout time. Displays are dynamic, showing animals as they live and move in the real world.

Connecting with natural history

The museum has a huge 100,000 square foot interior, designed literally to open up the world of natural history. There are also a series of educational programs, guided tours and family activities to really get you thinking about the world around you.

Expect perfectly preserved specimens include species from air, land and sea, from the very large to the very small. And also start expecting crowds – the museum is one of the largest in the Middle East, and as such aims to attract 150,000 people per year, in a building and atmosphere which is designed to stimulate and educate.

Steinhardt museum opening hours & tickets

Find it on Google Maps: 12 Klausner Street, Tel Aviv

The current opening hours are as follows:

Monday 10:00-16:00
Tuesday 10:00-18:00
Wednesday 10:00-16:00
Thursday 10:00-18:00
Friday 10:00-14:00
Saturday 10:00-18:00

On Sundays the museum is closed.

Under 5s get in for FREE, the rest of us will be paying 40-50 shekels.

For more details, see the official website.

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