Coming for Eurovision 2019? Here are TEN things you need to know about Tel Aviv!

If you’re coming to Tel Aviv for the Eurovision Song Contest in May 2019 (yep, Israel won it in 2018!), we’ve collected a few crucial tidbits to make sure your visit to Tel Aviv is a cracker!

TEN crucial tidbits you need to know – especially if you’re not sure where to stay, where to eat, or just quite what to expect from this amazing city!

For more details about the Eurovision events happening in Tel Aviv, click here.

The beaches of Tel Aviv are BLOODY great!

Tel Aviv beach

There’s just something majestic about Tel Aviv’s strip of golden sandy beaches, just a step away from the buzz and chaos of the city. We fell in love with the beach life here after just a few minutes of feeling the sand between our toes, so be careful, you might fall in love too! They’re open 24/7, they’re FREE, and they’re full of beautiful peeps! Check out our guide to the best of Tel Aviv’s beaches right here.

Tel Aviv is known as The City That Never Sleeps


It might come as a bit of a surprise for any first-timer visitors to Tel Aviv, but this city really does know how to have a good time! The action doesn’t usually start before 11:00 pm, especially on the weekend, and there is always something happening in virtually every corner of the city. See our guide to some of Tel Aviv’s must-try nocturnal activities – and if you’re up for a humdinger of a night out at some of Tel Aviv’s coolest bars, try this Tel Aviv pub crawl!

Tel Aviv LOVES Eurovision!

Well, with a national football team that has been sucking for decades, and just a rare glimpse of a medal in the Olympics now and again, it’s no wonder that Israel grabs on to any success it might get in the Eurovision. And with 4 wins under its belt, you have to agree that Israel has become a bit of a Eurovision powerhouse! Expect the locals to be out in force, and one heck of an after-party (the clip above is after last year’s win)!

Tel Aviv AIN’T cheap!


You might be thinking that Tel Aviv, being in the Middle East, is probably fairly cheap. Unfortunately, you’re very much wrong. Tel Aviv is a pricey buggar, and your wallet might be in for an unhealthy surprise! However, there are ways to enjoy Tel Aviv on a budget, you just have to know where to go (lucky you’re reading this!). From some great cheap Tel Aviv hostels (which are really way better than you’ll be expecting) to some great cheap eats, your wallet doesn’t have to take a huge hit this Eurovision!

If you love food, you’ll love Tel Aviv’s restaurants!

Tel Aviv restaurant cafe

If you enjoy food, you’re going to love Tel Aviv! There really are some excellent eateries in Tel Aviv, whatever your taste-buds are into! If you’re vegan you’re going to have an absolute ball, while if you’re looking to try the local dishes, you’re going to have to try the hummus and falafel which can be found almost everywhere – and shakshuka! Another great way to sample the local food is through one of these amazing food tours, highly recommended!

Need a place to stay? Go boutique!

If you’re looking for somewhere great to stay for Eurovision 2019 – but looking for a bit of an upgrade on some of the hostels we mentioned above – then try one of the many very tasty boutique hotels in Tel Aviv, which are springing up all over the place. They aren’t as budget-friendly as the hostels, but are certainly a great alternative to some of the very pricey hotel chains.

Amazing, even if you only have 48 hours…

48 hrs Tel Aviv

Even if you’re here for just a couple of days, Tel Aviv is going to knock your socks off! We created a little guide for those of you in Tel Aviv for a quick visit, but you can spread those activities out over a longer period if needed!

It’s the perfect base for exploring the rest of Israel!

Dead Sea

With Tel Aviv just an hour’s drive away from Jerusalem, and a couple of hours drive from some northern gems, Tel Aviv is the perfect base! Some of the budget-friendly tours we highly recommend include a Masada Sunrise, the Best of the West Bank tour, and an amazing jeep trip through the heart of the Judean Desert. And if you’ve got the time, how about an amazing 2-3 day trip across the border to discover the Lost City of Petra in Jordan (a truly memorable trip!).

Tel Aviv is very LGBT friendly!

tel aviv gay scene

Ever since being voted Best Gay City in the World by leading GLBT website GayCities, Tel Aviv has gone from strength to strength, especially with its amazing annual Pride Parade (attended by some 200,000 visitors!). That Tel Aviv is so accepting of alternative lifestyles (let’s face it, this is the Middle East!), you might not have known. As the guys behind the vote put it:

The gay capital of the Middle East is exotic and welcoming with a Mediterranean c’est la vie attitude!

Be prepared to get addicted…

tel aviv summer

As we’re talking Eurovision, we’re guessing you might be coming from the cooler climes of northern Europe. So, from personal experience, be prepared to be knocked for six! The sun, the beach, the food, the people, the all-round good-time vibe, they’re probably not what you were expecting…so expect it, because if you’re in Tel Aviv for the Eurovision, you ARE GOING TO HAVE A BLAST! Seriously, be prepared to get addicted!

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