5 things you’ve gotta do at night in Tel Aviv!

TelAvivPub_NightlifeTel Aviv is the place to be if you want to enjoy some awesome nightlife!

Without a doubt, Tel Aviv is the beating heart of Israel. We lived there for a few years, but once you step away for a little bit (we eventually headed for the Galilee hills with three littl’uns in tow), you realize just how fast the city is growing, how young and pulsing, never sleeping it truly is.

In Tel Aviv, there is always some new restaurant or bar opening, some music to listen to, some beats to get you groove on to. Whether you’re in the middle of a full tour of Israel or if you’re just there on a quick stopover, don’t miss out on the chance to explore Tel Aviv by night! To get you inspired, here are 5 must-do things to do at night in Tel Aviv!

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Grab a wee drink in Yafo

In the cute little streets of Yafo (or Jaffa), located at the southern end of Tel Aviv, you’ll find many cafés, hip new bars, and vintage shops. At night, it’s a great little place to sit and watch the people pass you by. Yafo is an ancient port city, and one of the most interesting and charming areas for first-time visitors to Tel Aviv – so don’t forget to come back during the day to explore some more! To start your night right, we especially recommend the numerous wine bars around HaShuk HaPishPishim, the famous flea market! Our hot tips: Shafa, Samuca, The Container, and Shayke’s cafe on Ole Zion street (say Hi to Shayke for us!).

Take a stroll along the beach

Tel Aviv has a number of great beaches to choose from, all with their own atmosphere. One of the best things you can do – and which is absolutely FREE of course – is watch the sunset sat on the sand before taking a stroll at the water’s edge! Gordon Beach and Alma Beach are both very good spots for an exceptional sunset, though once you’ve been here for a few nights you may well find your own perfect spot. During the high season, Gordon Beach tends to be a bit overcrowded, so try Alma Beach first if you want a more peaceful sunset viewing. If you like walking by night, don’t hesitate to walk a section of the Jaffa Promenade, a safe and beautiful promenade that runs from Jaffa to north Tel Aviv, and can be done by day or night.

Get into the groove at Drums Beach

If you’re looking for a unique Tel Aviv experience, head over to the Drums beach (next to the old building known as the Dolphimarium) on a Friday afternoon, just before sunset. Every week, Tel Aviv’s most talented (and not so talented!) musicians get together by the sea to create a drum circle and dance to those crazy beats. The atmosphere is relaxed and bohemian, with the sea just a step away. This is without doubt, Israel’s funkiest beach (although strictly speaking it’s not actually on the beach), and a great place to start your Friday night out!

Listen to some live music

tel aviv nightlifeMusic is everywhere in Tel Aviv, and whatever your taste in music, Tel Aviv will have your feet tapping and your knees a-jiggling! There are countless cafés, restaurants, bars and small concert places throughout Tel Aviv, with live music available almost every night. Again, it depends on your taste, but two of the hottest places currently in town for some live music are Levontin 7 (a bar/live venue for many of Israel’s up-and-coming bands), and the Abraham Hostel (which by day is one of the best hostels in Israel, and which by night has transformed itself into a great place to catch some live bands (and other types of performers)).

Party like it’s 1999!

tel aviv pub crawlTel Aviv is also the perfect choice if you’re looking for a party city atmosphere. The nightlife is crazy and if you don’t watch out, you might not get a chance to sleep at all during your time in Tel Aviv! The city is full of clubs and bars, where locals dance to the beat from sunset to sunrise. If you don’t know where to go, just head out to Rothschild Boulevard in Central Tel Aviv. This is the main artery of Tel Aviv’s nightlife and there’s easily enough going on to keep everyone happy! Recommended clubs in the central area include Kuli Alma, The Block (OK, a little to the south!), Jimmy Who?, and The Sputnik Bar. Otherwise, we can highly recommend a Tel Aviv pub crawl as an awesome introduction to some of the hottest pubs and clubs in Tel Aviv! At the weekend, beach parties are also very popular, so keep your eyes peeled for advertising posters around town.


Once you’re done and made it back to your bed, feel free to sleep in a little bit later than usual while in Tel Aviv – but don’t forget to explore the city by day either! Tel Aviv is a vibrant place even when the sun is high, full of interesting history, architecture, and museums. Take a walking or driving day tour if you’re too partied out to handle a map, you’re on holiday!

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