Gay tourism to the Holy Land

As anyone who has spent time in Israel knows, Israel has a thriving and very happening gay community. It may seem out of place in the Holy Land and does often i... Read More...

Flights to Israel

So you've got round to booking your flight to Israel. Or perhaps you're just looking for some more information regarding flights to and from the Holy Land. This... Read More...

Israel’s Top 25 bloggers

Israel has a fine collection of English speaking bloggers, some of whom are regularly called to the front line during times of huge international media interest... Read More...

Pictures of Eilat

What with a weekend of storms and driving winds and rain working their way throughout Israel, I thought a few pictures of a sunny, snorkely Eilat were needed. I... Read More...

The Holy Land in 7 days

The relatively compact size of Israel means that you can get to see almost all of the Holy Land in a really short space of time. Yes, even seven days! OK, we'd ... Read More...

Chill out at Shalvata

Shalvata (which means "tranquility" in Hebrew) in Tel Aviv port is a great place to chill out. Located in quite possibly the finest place in Tel Aviv, just ... Read More...

Meet the locals – Roni

Welcome to our continuing series of interviews with the locals - an attempt to debunk the myth that all Israelis are shepherd beating, gun wielding, war hungry ... Read More...


Ashley intended staying in Israel for a couple of months...18 years later, married to a local girl with 2 (er, make that 3!) littluns, he decided to set up What's kept this ex-Brit, non-Jewish guy in the Holy Land for so long? Well, read around this site some more and you might just get an idea...



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