Sukkot in Israel: this is what it’s really like (AMAZING aerial photos!)

The holiday of Sukkot is a fun week-long holiday, with the whole of Israel generally in shut-down mode for much of the week, as many locals take time off (the kids are also off school for a couple of weeks) and spend time traveling around Israel. Or sitting in their temporary little wooden hut on their balcony, known as a Sukkah.

Below are some amazing aerial photos of Jerusalem taken during Sukkot 2012. Those crowds at the Western Wall are amazingly throngy (not for the claustrophobic), while all those sukkahs that have taken over the balconies of almost all apartments (and the balcony of the majestic King David hotel) in the photos show that this sukkah business is taken very seriously!

Happy Sukkot!

These wonderful pictures were taken by A. Shomer. Click to see them in all their glory!



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