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3 Things for 2009

As tourism to Israel slowly rebuilds following the Gaza war, we'd highly recommend any of the regular attractions you'd expect to come and see in the Holy Land.... Read More...

2009 in the Holy Land

2008 was a great year for Israel, with tourists once again embracing the Holy Land - in fact, a record 3 million tourists visited Israel in 2008! OK, so the ... Read More...

Meet the locals – Matty

Welcome to our series of interviews with the locals - an attempt to debunk the myth that all Israelis are shepherd beating, gun wielding, war hungry zionists. T... Read More...

Breakfast at Benedict

Benedict is a cute little place that serves breakfast all day, 24/7. That's right, only breakfast. It's located on the corner of the legendary Ben Yehuda St... Read More...


Ashley intended staying in Israel for a couple of months...18 years later, married to a local girl with 2 (er, make that 3!) littluns, he decided to set up What's kept this ex-Brit, non-Jewish guy in the Holy Land for so long? Well, read around this site some more and you might just get an idea...



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