Alright Mate!

Mate (yes, that's its name) - This pub in the heart of Tel Aviv (well OK, the northern end of Dizengoff Street) is a great little neighbourhood pub. I like ... Read More...

Ministry of Tourism video

This is a well-produced video from the Israel Ministry of Tourism. Just possibly over-produced a wee tad as I'm not sure this is the real Israel you're goin... Read More...

Football in the Holy Land

  If you were expecting to watch a decent game of football (or soccer, for those of you from across the Pond) in the Holy Land, you might be disappointed... Read More...

Red Sea Snorkelling

Just back from a trip to Eilat, the highlight of which, for me anyway, was the dip in the Red Sea. The video below probably doesn't do it much justice... Read More...


Ashley intended staying in Israel for a couple of months...18 years later, married to a local girl with 2 (er, make that 3!) littluns, he decided to set up What's kept this ex-Brit, non-Jewish guy in the Holy Land for so long? Well, read around this site some more and you might just get an idea...



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