Age of the Dinosaurs exhibition in Tel Aviv: our review

Age of the Dinosaurs reviewThe Age of the Dinosaurs exhibition in Tel Aviv has been getting some serious hype recently, and with a 7 year old dinosaur freak in the family, and the exhibition running til the end of August only, we decided to check it out (free tickets always help clinch the deal!).

Personally, I really wanted to enjoy this exhibition, but, have to say it, left feeling a little disappointed. As did the other adults in our group. The kids mostly enjoyed themselves, though we did get the odd “I’m bored” from our 5 year old daughter.

Perhaps it was the expectation of seeing Jurassic Park in the flesh, with a terrifying T-Rex or two stomping around the grounds, while what we actually got were “animated” dinosaurs nodding their heads to and fro. A tad disappointing, but that’s hype for you.

Some big points for me, and which might help you decide whether or not you want to head for the Age of the Dinosaurs:

  • It was very crowded. But hey, this is Tel Aviv, it’s the summer and the kids are on holiday…
  • Tickets cost 80 shekels. I would have been even more disappointed if I’d have had to pay that: a family of four can easily drop 400 shekels here, and that’s too expensive…
  • The exhibits had no English explanations whatsoever. You could always take a mobile commentary gadget thingy that is supposed to be in English, but we could only get Hebrew on ours. And they cost 10 shekels a pop.
  • The movie at the end of the exhibition is in Hebrew and, to be honest, not worth the wait. We waited 30 minutes, with a long queue getting ever longer thanks to the amazing Israeli ability to queue jump…they could have shown something like the BBC’s Dinosaur series and it would have been worth it. Their movie was too clever and too detailed. Kids want to see terrifying, roaring dinosaurs, and not a lame 3-D effort with just one roarlicious moment.

All in all, we’ll give it a 6 out of 10. The 7 year old dinosaur freak gives it 8/10.  The ice-cream at Vaniglia (one of the best ice-cream joints in the country by the way), which is just round the corner, got a bigger thumbs up…

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