Why everybody is raving about Tel Aviv…

We’ve always been BIG fans of Tel Aviv, ever since arriving back in the days of Saddam, Scuds, and September sunsets (you really should check out my story if you haven’t already)…many moons have passed since then but our love for The City That Never Sleeps has never diminished. We might have moved out into the sticks and be in the throes of raising a family, but Tel Aviv is always going to be there for us, somewhere deep in our hearts – and the perfect weekender away if we need to escape the kids now and again!

So it hasn’t surprised us in the least that Tel Aviv has been getting a lot of very nice press recently. With so many things to do in Tel Aviv, both on the main tourist trail and off the beaten track (there’s also some awesome FREE things to do in Tel Aviv!), what’s NOT to like?

International media giants, such as Vogue, USA Today, The Guardian and Luxury London, are among those who have recently been won over by Tel Aviv, and they all highlighted Tel Aviv for its spring city breaks, holidaymakers and trendy tourists (we’d have to add the locals in there too!).

Vogue were impressed:

“Tel Aviv is a fascinating bubble where history, culture, and what might be the wildest nightlife on earth come together. Wander its meandering streets and you’ll encounter beautifully restored Bauhaus architecture and century-old stone buildings, vibrant markets, and beautiful locals and expats sipping espressos at sidewalk cafés. Did we mention the farm-to-table restaurants and tantalizing cocktail scene? It’s all here and just steps from scenic sandy beaches and the sapphire blue Mediterranean. Here are nine reasons why Tel Aviv should be on your list.”

USA Today wrote up a summary of some amazing Spring destinations, including Tel Aviv:

“Why not treat yourself for surviving the winter by booking a trip to one of these insanely affordable spring destinations? Spring is one of the best times to visit Tel Aviv as you can experience all the city has to offer without the high temperatures, large crowds and expensive prices of summer. Toward the end of the season, you’ll even see beach weather, with temperatures creeping into the 80s and 90s.”

The Guardian recommended Tel Aviv as a destination for cyclists:

“Everywhere you go in Tel Aviv, you see people on bikes, and most of them aren’t wearing any special gear. In Israel’s hippest city, cycling is the hippest way to get around.”

Luxury London also write up Tel Aviv as a perfect destination for a spring break:

“The epicentre of Israel’s high-tech scene and home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site, we discover that Tel Aviv is the perfect place for an energising spring break. Compact, cool and bursting with culture, Tel Aviv is a thoroughly modern, 24/7 city, fringed by eight miles of sandy beach on Israel’s west coast.”

So, when are YOU coming to visit Tel Aviv?!

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