Tubi 60: an Israeli brew that will knock your socks off!

tubi60We recently came across a local Israeli brew that almost knocked our socks off – Tubi 60 is its name, and yes, hang on to your socks baby!

It has to be said that over recent years the Israeli drinks market has blossomed somewhat into a thriving local industry. There are now some amazing top wines produced here, as well as a number of great local beers. But Tubi 60 could well be the drink that turbocharges (or should that be Tubicharges?!) the Israeli drinks industry to the next level!

What the heck is Tubi 60?

Tubi 60 is, to cut a long story short, a local brew that has wowed the cool bars and pubs of Tel Aviv and Haifa over the last couple of years.

Originally formulated by two brothers in Haifa, Tubi 60 has over time caught the attention of the cool, hipster drinkers, primarily through a clever, underground marketing campaign that has largely ignored the mainstream press.

With a number of myths also surrounding it (like it’s made from hallucinatory herbs, or that it won’t give you a hangover however much you drink), the buzz around Tubi 60 has grown and grown. And with the cool factor ever-growing, the price has also steadily risen, so watch your wallets!

What is Tubi 60 made of?

Well, this is where it gets interesting. The myths around suggest it’s made from a mixture of herbs that give drinkers a euphoric high rather than an alcoholic buzz.

But seriously, Tubi 60 is a lemon tasting strong liquor, without any secret, dangerous, or illegal drugs in it. Expect to taste some citrus elements, herbs, spices, plus tree and flower extracts (including ginger, mint, anise, saffron, turmeric, cumin, and ginseng). It’s certainly a strong, alcoholic drink (we’re talking 40%!) with a funky taste! And yes, it’s also gluten free AND vegan-friendly!

How do I drink Tubi 60?

Well, the guys at Tubi 60 told us to drink it on a hot summer’s day, mixed with mango or pineapple juice. Which sounds a lot better than their winter tip: adding it to a cup of tea with cinnamon sticks and honey. Personally, I enjoyed it neat with plenty of ice. Others seem to down it as a chaser / shot, or you could just add it to your Coke Zero. Be adventurous.

Where can I buy Tubi 60?

You’ll find it in plenty of bars now, in Tel Aviv and Haifa especially (there’s even a bar – Kuli Alma in Tel Aviv – that allegedly makes an amazing slurpie with some Tubi 60!). But if you try to hunt it down in local supermarkets, you might be in for a long hunt. However, with big plans to export around the world, don’t be surprised to find this brew in your vicinity real soon!

For more details, and tips and news about Tubi 60, see their website and Facebook page.

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