Eretz Ir 2.0 in Tel Aviv: your destination for a night of Israeli beer!

Negev BeerThere’s a new pub in town and it looks like being a cracker: Eretz Ir 2.0 (translated as Country, City 2.0), located in the Ramat HaChayall neighborhood of Tel Aviv, will be pouring just Israeli beer!

Oh yes. After some years of us mocking what was a pretty useless beer industry (Maccabee – blurghhhh), the last 3 or 4 years has seen a big turnaround. There are some amazing Israeli beers out there now, and Eretz Ir 2.0 has come up with an awesome concept to celebrate the ever blossoming Israeli beer market.

You’ll find the most well-known beers in Israel here, including EIGHT on tap (varieties of Negev, Malka, and Bazelet), plus some 30 different Israeli beers in bottles. Plus there’s the usual pub fare to munch on if you’re in the mood for some munchies.

And not only does Eretz Ir 2.0 go for Israeli beer in a big way, it also harks back to the Israel of old, with some true Israeli retro and iconic art adorning its walls. We’re going out on a limb here, but guessing there may well be some Israeli tunes in the background…

Quite possibly the ultimate “Israeli” night out in Tel Aviv, at least for beer lovers!

The pub is open from 7pm each evening, except for Fridays, when it’s closed (the pub is Kosher). Prices also seem pretty kosher, with 24 shekels the average price for a half liter, 16 shekels for a third of a liter.

Address: 34 HaBarzel, Ramat HaChayall



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