The annual Israel Beer Festival – go thirsty!

Israeli BeerIf you’re keen on trying some of the local brews – and heck, there are some amazing Israeli beers around these days – don’t miss the annual Israel Beer Festival!

Typically spread over 2-3 long, ale-filled days in Tel Aviv, expect to find a whole range of beers to keep you happy! In all, some 200+ different kinds of beer are at your disposal!

This year (2019) the festival takes place at its usual stomping ground, Hichal HaTarbut in Tel Aviv, on 29-30 April (it usually takes place in August).

It’s a great way to get introduced to some really fine local beers, but we should warn you it ain’t cheap. Expect to pay an entrance fee of 70 shekels (to be confirmed), which also grants you 5 tastings of 100ml. So basically you’re spending 70 shekels for a pint/half-liter (we’ll let you work out the exchange rate in your local currency…). There are ways of getting a cheaper online ticket – see their Facebook page for details (only in Hebrew unfortunately – it seems tourists and Anglos aren’t seen as a potential market – er, ok!).

All in all it’s a great experience, with plenty of food on sale and some live music usually happening. If you love trying new beers, you’ll love it!

HOT TIP: Watch out the Tavor Brewery (Stand 31 – to be confirmed) and its killer 10% Triple Beer, it’s a thing of beauty!

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