Jerusalem Events in 2013: our guide to the ones not to miss!

Every year Jerusalem hosts a number of amazing cultural events every visitor to the Holy City really has to catch. And 2013 is no exception, as it sees the roster of must-see events expand even further!

Israel’s capital city is not just about its legendary and stunning ancient (and modern) tourist attractions; it’s also about some of the most entertaining and interesting cultural events you could ever imagine! From Ice Festivals to Light Festivals to Knight Festivals, to marathons and museums, and even to Formula 1 racing – Jerusalem simply has to be on your itinerary in 2013!

Some of the major events to catch in Jerusalem in 2013 include:

February – 31 March: The much heralded Pure Gold exhibition at the Bible Lands Museum continues til the end of March due to public demand. Read more here.

Herod the Great12 February – 28 September: The much anticipated Herod the Great exhibition at the Israel Museum, featuring the life and times of Herod the Great, including finds from the king’s recently discovered tomb at Herodium.

20 February – 30 April:  International Ice Festival. For the second time, it’s BACK! Read more here.

1 March: The world’s most inspirational marathon takes place – the Jerusalem Marathon! Read more here.

18-21 March: The awesome Sounds of the Old City Festival, with a whole range of musical styles to enjoy in the alleyways and courtyards of the Old City. Read more here.

16 May: A unique Museum Day, when Jerusalem’s museums will be open free of charge.

Israel festival23 May – June 8: Three weeks of awesome Israel dance, theater and entertainment at the annual Israel Festival. Read more here.

28-30 May: The Musrara Mix Festival returns. Read more here for details of what this unique event in the Musrara neighborhood is all about.

5-13 June: The amazing Jerusalem Festival of Light comes to town, with amazing light displays and creations throughout the Old City. Read more here.

June 2013: Jerusalem will host a Formula 1 race, including (hopefully) leading stars like Michael Schumacher. Read more here.

15 June – 31 August: For the whole summer, the Jerusalem Season of Culture brings some amazing dance, music, poetry, philosophy, visual art, new media, and more to the capital. Read more here.

July 2013: Ten days of screenings, honorary guests, panels and festivities at the Jerusalem Film FestivalRead more here.

Jerusalem Wine FestivalAugust: The tenth annual Jerusalem Wine Festival: an oasis of culture in the grounds of the Israel Museum. Read more here.

August: The annual Jerusalem Beer Festival will host over a hundred types of beers, and take your knowledge of beer to a whole new level! Read more here.

4-8 August: The International Festival of Puppet Theater features performances and artists from all over the world and is perfect for all the family. Read more here.

6-18 August: The annual Khutzot Hayotser Arts and Crafts Fair showcases some 150 Israeli artists and plenty more from across the world.

20-23 August: The annual Festival of Sacred Music sees Israeli and international musicians perform in venues around the city selected for their religious or historical significance.

September: Held annually at the YMCA, the Chamber Music Festival highlights chamber pieces by Schubert, as well as shows in collaboration with the Israeli Opera.

Jerusalem Knights Festival10,17,24,31 October: The annual Knights Festival takes you back in time to the days of the Middle Ages in the Old City. Great street shows and characters! Read more here.

17-19 October: Tourists and visitors are invited to explore stunning private spaces such as homes and gardens over one weekend known as Houses From Within.

31 October – November: The annual Jerusalem International Oud Festival presents the great Arab musical tradition and cultures influenced by it, throughout the Middle East and Central Asia. Read more here.

December: The annual Hamshushalayim Festival happens every weekend in December, with a variety of events and many tourist sites open for free. Read more here.

Click HERE for more events in Israel throughout 2013!



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