The Very Best Tel Aviv Restaurants, Cafes, and Bars of 2010

If you’re looking for the very latest and greatest eats in Tel Aviv, the little list below will set you straight about the very best restaurants, bars, delis and ice-cream joints of 2010.

This guide has since been updated for 2011, click here to read more.

The list includes the main players in the annual vote for the best of Tel Aviv eateries held by Time Out (they list theirs in Hebrew, we’ve brought it to you in the Queen’s English).

Without further ado, let’s tuck in…

Restaurant of the Year 2010Herbert Samuel, Koifman 6 (Tel: 03-5166516). Seasonal and local produce crafted into delicious meals by the very talented chef Jonatan Roshfeld. Expensive.

Fanciest Restaurant of 2010Citit, Hichal HaTalmud 4, Neve Tzedek (Tel: 03-5107001). Rich in fresh ingredients like lamb, beef and fish, enhanced with local vegetables, fruit, herbs and spices. Kiss goodbye to around 400 shekels per person, minimum. Pic on the right.

Best New Restaurant 2010Ehad Ha’am Tapas, Ehad Ha’am 27 (Tel: 03-5666966). This new Tapas restaurant, again managed by Jonatan Roshfeld, has put existing Tapas bars in town to shame…

Bar with the Best Food 2010Messa, Ha’arba’ah 19 (Tel: 03-6856859). A creative menu backed by a very well-stocked and cool bar. Great design (see pic on the left), well worth spending some time here.

Best Italian Restaurant 2010Mel and Michelle, Ben Yehuda 155 (Tel: 03-5293232). A cute little corner in the heart and bustle of Tel Aviv. Nicely styled place, with a romantic feel.

Best Meat Restaurant 2010Yoezer Wine Bar, located in the picturesque alleys of Old Jaffa (Tel: 03-6839115), this place has plenty of character, and plenty of pricey food/wines.

Best Asian Restaurant 2010Beit Thailandi, Bograshov 8 (Tel: 03-5178568). This is your destination for authentic Thai food that hasn’t been watered down for Western palates.

Best Seafood Restaurant 2010 AND Best Restaurant by the Sea 2010Manta Ray, Alma Beach (Tel: 03-5174773). The restaurant with the killer location, that’s how we reviewed it last year. And it hasn’t changed. Great, cool place, great food, awesome view.

Best Tapas Restaurant 2010Tapeo, Ha’arba’ah 16 (Tel: 03-6240484). One of the original tapas bars in town, this place has a great range of those small, tasty dishes and a great atmosphere, even in mid-week.

Best Bistro 2010Brasserie, Ibn Gvirol 70 (Tel: 03-6967111). A classy joint with a menu that changes three times a day. Some say it has redefined the Tel Aviv culinary scene.

Best Kosher Restaurant 2010Liliot (or Lilit), Dafna 2 (Tel: 03-6965658). One of the few truly tasty kosher restaurants in Tel Aviv that has been around for years, this place has a large, varied menu and is also very nicely designed.

Best Ethnic Restaurant 2010Edna, Yermiyahu 52 (Tel: 03-6289000). After many years in Ramat HaSharon, they opened a branch in Tel Aviv this year. Great, unpretentious home cooking in a cosy atmosphere.

Best Health/Natural/Vegetarian Restaurant 201024 Rupee, Shocken 14 (Tel: 03-6818066). This cute Indian restaurant has some great, cheap curry dishes.

Best “Value for Money” Restaurant 2010Segev Express, HaBarzel 38 (Tel: 077-4142025). Fast, stylish food that won’t disappoint.

Best Restaurant Chain 2010Giraffe, Ibn Gvirol 49 (Tel: 03-6916303). The original branch is still the one to beat, with other branches throughout Tel Aviv and the rest of Israel. But if you come across one, know you’ll get a large-sized portion of Asian-fusion style food. Very tasty.

Best Sandwich Bar 2010Ruben, Yehuda HaLevi 112 (Tel: 077-4908050). A sandwich bar on a par with the best of Europe. Try those juicy cuts of beef or turkey placed intricately between slices of fresh brown bread. Delish.

Best Child-Friendly Restaurant 2010Moses, Rothschild 35 (Tel: 03-5664949). Good menu, plus loads of activities (and food!) for the kids, including stickers and drawing books.

Best Pizzeria 2010Tony Vespa, Rothschild 142 (Tel: 03-6858888). Rule breaker that sells pizza by weight, rather than by slice. Delish pizza that has taken Tel Aviv by storm.

Best Hamburger Bar 2010Agadir, HaTaarucha 3 (Tel: 03-5444045). The original hamburger joint in town that started 15 years ago, now has 6 branches. Delish hamburgers and a funky atmosphere.

Best Ice-Cream Bar 2010Anita, made up of three successful branches in Florentine and Neve Tzedek (Tel: 03-5170505 for the Shabazi branch in Neve Tzedek). Great, great ice-cream, especially buzzing on hot, summer days.

Best Hummus Bar 2010Ali Caravan/Abu Hassan, Shvatay Israel 14 (Tel: 03-6828355). The long legendary hummus joint, for hard core hummus addicts only (beginners might find it a bit “sloppy”).

Best Cafe 2010HaTachtit (The Basement), Lincoln 9 (Tel: 03-5618759). Open 24 hours, this place has fast become known for its vibe (usually great music), its food and its service. Not exactly on the regular tourist route, but worth a visit.

Restaurant with the Most Happening Vibe 2010Nanuchka, Lilenblum 30 (Tel: 03-5162254). Georgian cuisine, with plenty of good tunes and ambiance, at first glance it might not seem like the coolest place in town but it’s definitely one of the most popular, and is always fun to visit (check out the entrance in the pic on the left).

Best Restaurant for Taking a Date 2010Nana Bar, Ehad Ha’am 1 (Tel: 03-5161915). Stylish and cool bar but this is the place you should try if you’re looking for a quiet romantic corner with a loved one (or potential loved one!).

Best Wine Bar 2010HaBasta, HaShomer 4 (Tel: 03-5169234). Around for 3 years, this place has a huge wine menu, mainly focused on Italian and French wines. And yes, the food is great too.

Best Bar in Tel Aviv 2010Porter & Sons, Ha’arba’ah 14 (Tel: 03-6244355). With over 50 kinds of beer on tap (pic on the left) and 70 kinds of bottled beer, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better-stocked bar in the Middle East.

Best Bakery 2010Dalal Bakery, Shebazi 10 (Tel: 03-5109292). Great location (Neve Tzedek ‘hood) – try those tasty muffins and some of the finest bread in Tel Aviv. They also do a mighty fine breakfast.

Best Deli 2010Hinawi, Yeffet 180, Yafo (Tel: 03-5075618). Long run family business that has probably become the most popular deli in Tel Aviv.

Best Breakfast 2010Benedict, Ben Yehuda 117 (Tel: 03-5440345). Now three branches strong, Benedict has a storming 24-hour breakfast menu. We reviewed it here, and can’t wait to revisit!

Best Late Night Meal 2010Dixie, Yigal Allon 120 (Tel: 03-6966123). Long established as one of the best late night eateries for those in need of some late (early?) munchies. Renowned for burgers and wings.

Restaurant with the Best Bar 2010Social Club, Rothschild 45 (Tel: 03-5601114). A modern bistro owned by one of Israel’s main restaurateurs in the heart of Tel Aviv, with a bar that is always packed and always happening. Lots of cocktails and a great wine list.

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