The very best restaurants, pubs and cafes to try in Tel Aviv!

TelAvivCafeThere are, of course, a HUGE number of very good restaurants, pubs and other eateries to enjoy in Tel Aviv, and the list seems to grow every year!

We’ve collected some of the very best eateries in Tel Aviv, as voted for in the 2013 TimeOut Tel Aviv awards (they list theirs in Hebrew, we give it to you in English). Some of this year’s winners have been previous winners (see the 2011 list for example), a great sign that yes, that particular restaurant is doing something right and will hopefully be around when you read this and are feeling hungry!

Don’t miss our own TEN awesome Tel Aviv restaurants we’ve tried and tested and can highly recommend! And we have also created an updated list of the very best restaurants in Tel Aviv right HERE.

In the order of our choosing…

Tel Aviv Restaurant of the Year 2013 – Toto, Berkovitz 4 (Tel: 03-6935151). A previous winner, this classy Italian restaurant serves up some amazing appetizers, pastas and pizzas, among other things, all prepared by one of the best chefs in town. Things are quite expensive, as you’d expect, but the quality and service are simply excellent! Website

Best Value for Money restaurant in Tel AvivGiraffe. This excellent Asian option has a number of branches throughout the country and is often a place we’ve enjoyed. In Tel Aviv they are located at 49 Ibn Gvirol (Tel: 03-6916294). Great salads, a yummy Portobello mushroom starter, and plenty of other tasty dishes to tempt you!  Website

Best Cafe in Tel Aviv – Rothschild 12, located at yes, Rothschild 12 (Tel: 03-5106430). This by-day cafe, by-night happening bar has fast become one of Tel Aviv’s must-tries. Some great outdoor seating in an uber-chic vibe, plus some surprise performances by guest artists make this one of Tel Aviv’s best! Website

Best Bar in Tel Aviv – Mate, Dizengoff 226 (Tel: 03-5241615). This is one pub we’ve enjoyed on more than one occasion, and even wrote about it here. We loved its neighborliness and attempts at trying to be *real* – none of that pretentious Tel Aviv bar nonsense. Website

Best Hummus in Tel Aviv – Ali Caravan, Shvatay Israel 14 (Tel: 03-6828355). The legendary hummus joint, but probably for hardcore hummus fans only (beginners might be a little intimidated). Check out our list of top 10 hummus joints in Israel, and yes, no surprises that this place is at the top of the list.

Best Pizza restaurant in Tel Aviv – Tony Vespa, Rothschild 142 (Tel: 03-6858888). Great pizza sold by the weight (yes!), not by the slice. Very tasty pizza that has become a Tel Aviv fast food icon.

Best Fish and Seafood restaurant in Tel Aviv – Manta RayAlma Beach (Tel: 03-5174773). The restaurant with the killer location, is how we reviewed it. Things haven’t changed – great, cool place, delish food, awesome beach view. Website

Best Asian restaurant in Tel Aviv – Beit ThailandiBograshov 8 (Tel: 03-5178568). A great place for real Thai food, and not the kind that has been watered down for Western tastes. A long-time fave in Tel Aviv. Website

Best Italian restaurant in Tel Aviv – Cafe Italia, Kremenitzki 6 (Tel: 03-5612888). A great family friendly Italian restaurant, with an easy, non-pretentious menu. Some delicious classic Italian dishes, with a great lunch deal you shouldn’t miss (12:00-16:00). Website

Best Meat restaurant in Tel Aviv – Makom Shel Basar, Shabazi 64 (Tel: 0579444023). As they call themselves, “A Place for Meat”, you can expect some mighty fine meat dishes here. Many say this restaurant is home to the best steaks in Tel Aviv. Website

Best Bar with the best food in Tel Aviv – Nanuchka, Lillenblum 30 (Tel: 03-5262254). An authentic Georgian menu with a truly great vibe. Excellent service, and a great place to meet new people, have a bit of a boogie, drink or eat – or all of these together in the same evening! Even Matty highly recommended this place a while back.

Best Street Food in Tel Aviv – HaMiznon, Ibn Gvirol 23 (Tel: 03-7168977). This cute little street cafe serves up great stylish meals in a pita bread. Quality, and fairly cheap, you might have to queue to get your hands on some nosh here…

Best Bakery in Tel Aviv – Lehamim, HaShmonaim 99 (with a second branch in the Carmel Market) (Tel: 03-5618111). A bakery cum coffee shop with the best baked goods in Tel Aviv! Watch out for the cheese nuggets and the Challah bread on a Friday. Website

Best Vegetarian restaurant in Tel Aviv – 24 Rupee, Shocken 16, 2nd floor (Tel: 03-6818066). A cute Indian restaurant that has long been a fave with those looking forgenuine, great value, and very tasty Indian food. Website

Best Breakfast/Brunch restaurant in Tel Aviv – Benedict, Rothschild 29 (with another branch in Ben Yehuda street). We loved the food in the Ben Yehuda branch, and highly recommended it a while back! What more do you need than a tasty and plentiful breakfast – available 24 hours!  Website

Best Hamburger restaurant in Tel Aviv – Agadir, HaTaarucha 3 (Tel: 03-5444045). With numerous branches throughout Tel Aviv, this hamburger joint that first started flipping burgers some 15 years ago has taken over Tel Aviv. Great hamburgers in a great atmosphere. Website

Best Alternative/Indie restaurant in Tel Aviv – Port Sa’id, Har Sinai 5 (Tel: 03-6207436). Overlooking Tel Aviv’s Great Synagogue, Port Said has plenty of good vibes, good drinks and tasty unpretentious food. It has fast become one of Tel Aviv’s nightlife magnets. Get there early!

Best Bistro/Brasserie in Tel Aviv – Mizlala, Nachalat Binyamin 57 (Tel: 03-5665505). A narrow but happening place which translated means something like “stuff your face”. Go for the signature “shot and a bite”! Website

Most Luxurious restaurant in Tel Aviv – Mul HaYam Tel Aviv Port (Tel: 03-5469920/30). Regularly mentioned in all the top luxury travel guides, this is one of Israel’s very best restaurants, serving up some amazing seafood with views of the Port to complement.  Expensive, but they do a good deal on a Business Lunch. Website

Best New restaurant of 2013 in Tel Aviv – Taizu, Derekh Begin 23 (Tel: 03-5225005). A beautifully designed restaurant that is getting rave reviews for its food and service. Others question its reasonably high prices and apparent pretentiousness, but the jury is still out…Website

Best Ice-Cream in Tel Aviv – HaSicilianit (The Sicilian), Ibn Gvirol 63 (Tel: 03-6962458). Great quality ice-cream that has been around for a while. Also has a GREAT selection of fat-free-sugar-free-milk-free options for those needing it… Website


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