The THREE best places for ice-cream in Tel Aviv!

summerisraelSummers in Israel just aren’t summers without a dollop of ice-cream to cool you down!

And in the sultry heat of a Tel Aviv summer, ice-cream isn’t just nice to have – it’s a necessity!

So for those of you sweltering in the Tel Aviv heat, you’ll be pleased to know we went undercover and tried and tested the very best ice-cream joints in Tel Aviv. This research took years to perform, and quite a few sessions in the gym to sweat off those calories…but here they are, the THREE  best ice-cream places in Tel Aviv!


Papa Aldo’s is located at 107 Ibn Gvirol Street and is one of the original Italian ice-cream joints in Israel. After almost 20 years, and with numerous branches around the country, Aldo’s have established themselves as one of the must-try ice-cream places in Israel. The ice-cream is silky sooth and amazing…and in some branches you can even drool as they make the ice-cream on site…

Other Aldo branches in Tel Aviv include: Tel Aviv Port (Hangar 9) and the Azrieli Center.


With a few branches in Tel Aviv to choose from, Vaniglia (pronounced Vanilia, of course) is another great Italian ice-cream maker. Ten years strong, and with some 45 awesome flavors to boot (including whiskey cream, chocolate orange (with shreds of real orange), and marmalade yogurt), Vaniglia will leave your taste-buds truly tickled. We’d highly recommend the new branch at Tel Aviv Port.

Other branches in Tel Aviv include at the HaTachana complex and Ibn Gvirol 98.


Iceberg ice-cream has become legendary among Tel Avivians who frequent the Ben Yehuda street strip…our fave branch (there are now 5 Iceberg branches in Tel Aviv, plus a few others out in the ‘burbs) is at the original store at 108 Ben Yehuda, near Gordon Street, which is more cafe-like than ice-cream parlor. You can sit down and enjoy your cone in peace and quiet, except, of course, at the weekend, when it’s hard to find a spot to put the car and the crowds can be a little crazy.


Honorable mentions go to Tartofu on Shabazi Street in the beautiful neighborhood of Neve Tzedek, and Dr Lek, who, despite having a large number of branches in Israel, still remain mightily tasty (our fave branch is in Jaffa, just before you reach the Old Clock Tower when coming from Tel Aviv).

Bon appetit!

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